Kirby CMS expertise

Audit, training, development and hosting of websites managed by Kirby CMS

Badge Kirby partnerGilles Vauvarin
Montreal, Canada



After an audit of your Kirby site's code, I will be able to suggest areas for improvement in the following areas

  • Compliance with good security practices
  • Page loading performance
  • Organic SEO


I help teams of users to get to grips with the Kirby CMS administration space which has been custom-developed for their needs.

I also teach the Kirby CMS to the general public through free tutorials on my blog and YouTube channel.


I develop custom websites and administration spaces based on the content management system Kirby CMS.

  • Static website with administration space
  • Hybrid site (static/dynamic)
  • Responsive site
  • Site with page builder

I can also take over an existing Kirby site to make changes (multilingualism, new features, Kirby update ...).


I host your Kirby website on servers located in Europe or North America depending on your location.

This hosting service includes :

  • Kirby CMS updates
  • Maintenance and monitoring of the server
  • A backup of the site and its data
  • Access to a GDPR compliant traffic analysis tool
  • A Let's Encrypt SSL/TLS security certificate


Interface screenshot Gilles Vauvarin - Freelance Web Developer - Kirby CMS

Gilles Vauvarin

After graduating from the University of Paris VI in Biology, I was caught up in the emergence of new information technologies in the public sphere. After a few months of self-training, I quickly joined various companies as a webmaster, web analyst-developer and then as head of the multimedia department in a Parisian art school.

I then started a career as a freelance webdesigner and entrepreneur to test different ideas for web products.

I discovered the Kirby CMS in 2016 and was immediately won over by its potential and flexibility. I quickly specialised on this CMS for which my expertise grew with each successive project.


SAM - Seattle Art Museum, USA

Advice and support for the redesign of the Seattle Art Museum website.

IMEC - Institut Mémoires de l'édition contemporaine, France

Extension of the Kirby CMS administration space to manage new content (exhibitions, podcasts) and integration of corresponding templates. Restructuring of the home page to highlight new content.

Arts & Labour" communications agency, Canada

Creation of the WOO website - Design of the administration space using Kirby CMS and integration of the customer's mock-ups - Creation of animations using the GSAP JavaScript library - Production of the site at the customer's hosting provider.

Architecture consultancy WOWA, USA

Development of the "Knowledge Bank" project, extension of the website - Redesign of the administration space - Update of the Kirby CMS - Integration of the models - Hosting and maintenance of the website.

Then There Was Us online magazine, England

Integration of the new newsletter form.

Startup Imfusio, France

Security audit - Kirby update - Replacement of editor tracking module.

Hes-SO - Rectorat des hautes écoles de Suisse, Switzerland

Development of new functionalities for the K-Review application, a platform for managing calls for projects.

UNIGE - University of Geneva, Switzerland

Development of new functionalities for the K-Review application, a platform for managing calls for projects.

HUG - Geneva University Hospital, Switzerland

Development of the RAFT website using the WordPress CMS, then redesign and migration to the Concret 5 CMS.


Marco Cattaneo

Director of the communication service of the University of Geneva

"Gilles has been a valuable member of the Web Unit, carrying out his tasks efficiently and seriously, showing initiative, autonomy and great adaptability."

Jonathan Tomlinson

Creative Director of Then There Was Us magazine

"This is amazing, it works so well and so much better than before. Really appreciate your help! I'll definitely be in touch again in the near future for any changes!"

Gerd Rothernberg

Senior advisor

"What I particularly appreciated about Gilles was his open-mindedness and flexibility in transposing the demands of non-expert users into IT realities."

Sonia Parani

UX Designer - UNIGE

"Gilles is a nice, reliable, dedicated, warm and efficient person who will convince you that you have made the right choice."

// FAQ

What is the best way to contact you?

Do you work alone or with a team?

It depends on your project and your needs. I generally take care of the development of the administration space and the integration of the web pages via the Kirby CMS. If you wish to be accompanied for other services such as the creation of a visual identity or the implementation of a marketing strategy, I will team up with specialists in these disciplines from my address book.

Do you work with international clients?

Yes, although I am based in Montreal, Canada and sometimes in France during the summer months, I work with clients internationally. I can communicate in French or English. I prefer to communicate in writing to keep track of our exchanges and make sure I don't forget anything. Payments can be made in Euros, CHF, Pounds Sterling, Canadian Dollars or US Dollars.

Do you charge taxes?

Yes, but only for Canadian customers. Customers of other nationalities are exempt from taxes.

Do you contract the service, do you ask for an advance?

Yes, all collaboration is subject to a quotation to which are attached general terms and conditions of sale setting out the responsibilities of both parties. From 1000 €/CAD/USD/CHF/£ of pre-sales, a deposit of 50% will be requested after signature and reception of the contract, the remaining 50% will be invoiced upon delivery of the project.

Who are your presentations aimed at?

I work with institutions, international organisations, web and marketing agencies, public services, SMEs, cooperatives, artists, craftsmen, associations, etc.

What is your rate?

This depends on the project and the needs expressed. After discussions to study your needs, you will receive a quote with an estimate of the cost of the service.

What are your preferred technologies?

I work mainly with the Kirby CMS written in PHP and VueJS. I develop using PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I frequently use the Tailwind or Utopia CSS frameworks. I optimize assets with NodeJS and its eco-system of packages. Finally, for more specific uses, I can call on JavaScript libraries such as HTMX .


A content manager with great qualities:


Kirby is known for its efficiency in processing server requests. It has been cited several times as the most efficient PHP tool.


The absence of a database makes it more robust against malicious attacks. It is also much less susceptible to hacker scripts than WordPress.


Kirby is an ultra-flexible CMS that allows you to tailor its administration space to your needs so that it adapts to your content.


As the administration area is tailor-made, users get to grips with the interface quickly and easily without apprehension.

Many use cases:

Multilingual site

Kirby supports multilingualism perfectly by default. No need for complicated paid plugins to make your site multilingual.

E-commerce site

Kirby integrates easily with online payment modules and shopping carts such as Snipcart.

Application Site

The Kirby administration area can be adapted to the user's profile. In this way, real small applications can be created.


The management of files such as photos and videos is also perfectly integrated into the Kirby administration area.

Static site

For content sites, what could be better than a static site for optimum page loading speed. This helps your site's organic ranking in search engines.

PDF, XLSX or JSON export

It is possible to export your data as a PDF, XLSX or JSON file from your administration area by clicking on a simple button.

Sustainable site

Kirby is the tool of choice for designing eco-responsible sites that consume little energy and therefore produce little CO2.

And much more!

We can even integrate ChatGPT ... \o/


Example of two web products made with the Kirby CMS.


K-Review is a platform that helps institutions manage and monitor the collection and evaluation of applications for their calls for proposals.


Blogvoyage is a blogging platform for travelers to easily share and create their travel diaries.